Defining Your Sport

Sports medicine has come a long way. Today it is one of the most popular specialties available. It can help prevent many conditions that can occur in athletes such as concussions, strokes, heart attacks, and other injuries. Many athletes choose to go to a sports medicine doctor for their yearly physicals and evaluations.

Basically, sports medicine is a field devoted to the study, prevention, and treatment of injuries sustained by athletes in contact sports such as sports. Sports medicine does not have a separate definition as to what activities constitute a sport. The Association sports of America defines it as “the application of physical principles that are aimed at preventing and reducing athletic injury.” Almost all sports medicine practitioners are either licensed through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) or are aspiring sports physicians. Many are college athletes themselves. Then they receive additional education and training on specific fields of expertise that further enhance their field of practice.

A sport can either be participant-related or non participant-related. participant-related sports involve direct physical exertion of the body or involve activities such as cheerleading or gymnastics that require little direct control from the participant. Non-participant-related sports on the other hand, usually involve contact with the bare body such as swimming or lacrosse and require little direct interaction from the participant.

There are many types of sports that fit into this broad definition. One type of sport that frequently interferes with another is that of rugby. In rugby, players engage in physical exertion, which is a large part of the game, but also requires skill, power, endurance, and mental skills. Many athletes find a balance of power, speed, and endurance to be essential when participating in any type of sport that involves physical exertion.

If you’re interested in participating in a sport that involves physical contact and/or action, there are countless examples out there to choose from. Think back to your favorite childhood sports (and remember the sports equipment, too!). Which one do you think you would have liked best as a child? Chances are that you’re not the only person who finds the same sport(s) intriguing, and many are actively seeking competition and increased abilities today. This definition of ‘sport’ is very broad, but includes virtually all physical activity that takes place in and outside of the boundaries of a specific athletic venue.

Unfortunately, there are many definitions out there that tend to narrow the field even more. Finding the right definition of what you love and care about is a crucial part of becoming an elite athlete. If you know your sports as much as possible, you’ll be able to recognize the common traits shared by many of the super successful athletes. You may not be able to put all of the sports together neatly into a single definition, but you can start by finding one that encompasses most aspects of your life.