Definition of Sports

A sports film is generally a movie genre that makes use of sports as the central theme of the movie. It’s usually a character-driven drama in which an athlete, sports event, fan of sports, or member of the opposing team are heavily involved, and that depend heavily on sports for their storyline resolution or motivation. It can also be a fantasy film, in which an athlete is the central figure, but with little reliance on the actual sport itself. A sports film can be highly suspenseful, depending on how the sports event unfold, and the level of competition involved.

Sports that lend themselves to the genre are baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, motorcross, rugby, soccer, tennis, surfing, skiing, etc. It’s not uncommon to find a sports film focusing on a single sport or a number of sports at one time. Film lovers who are into any or all of the sports can enjoy a good flick; it can be a romantic comedy, action/adventure, horror film, or even a coming of age story.

A sport film usually has three essential components: the sport itself, the characters involved in the sport, and the physical challenges they encounter in the course of play. The characters in a film related to sports have to have great athletic ability, be motivated by a competitive spirit, possess unique mental qualities, and possess a strong desire to succeed. Physical challenges the characters must overcome are numerous, such as obstacles on the track,obic exercises, physical fights, sabotage attempts, etc. The film may also focus on the mental aspects of competing, such as preparation, dieting, competition anxiety, and post-game rituals.

News reports on sports injuries are also found on a daily basis. Some of these include fractures, sprains, sports injuries requiring surgery, sports related deaths, birth defects, birth injuries, etc. Most of these news reports focus on the negative aspects of sports related accidents, however some provide the positive aspects as well.

The definition of Sports is sometimes used incorrectly. A person can play sports for fun, in a recreational manner, without considering themselves to be involved in a competitive or sporting event. Competitive sports involve physical activity and involve an element of skill and strategy. A sport that involves physical activity is defined as a physical game that provides goals or objectives.

It is important to realize that there is more to Sports than just the definition given above. In fact, many organizations recognize the need for people to participate in more than one type of physical activity each day. This is why they have developed separate categories of Sports which include Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Cycling, Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Lacrosse, and Badminton. A sport that involves any combination of these activities is called a Mixed Sport. These sports help to promote physical fitness, cardiovascular health, endurance, mental toughness, athletic ability, agility, balance, and strength.