A sports drama is a film genre which makes use of sport as the central theme of the movie. It’s a fictional production in which an athlete, sport event, fan of a particular sport, or both, are heavily involved, and that rely on sport for a major role to a major extent for their storyline resolution or motivation. It may also follow a major competition or rivalry, and can follow one of several main genres. This article will list some of the more common sub-genres of sports dramas, and give an idea of how they differ from the main genre.

Physical Sports Dancer / Sports Man. A sports man is a man who relies heavily on physical prowess, physical strength, and athletic ability. This includes being able to perform gymnastics, weightlifting, tennis, football, cycling, swimming, or any other sport which requires a great deal of physical dexterity, speed, and strength. The sport itself is the main characters, and their personal relationships with one another.

Mental Sportsiker. This is a fictional class of person whose main purpose in life is to excel at mental and social sports. The term originated from the mixing of the words “sport” and “mental”, which used to suggest games of skill that were won solely by mental acuity. Sport mentally is often seen to be competitive and combative, while mind sports is seen to be relaxed, and intellectual. The sub-genre is highly popular among those who have a natural ability for mental acuity, such as scientists, professors, lawyers, inventors, etc.

Chessboxing. Chessboxing is a game of skill in which the player takes part in a struggle to control a chess board with a variety of chess pieces. Players usually try to make the piece which has the most power, at the same time attempting to prevent other players from taking that piece. While chessboxing is not a real sport (the pieces do not move), it has become popular as a game among chess tournament competitors. It is also a favorite amongst people who would like to learn to play chess.

Association Football. Association football is played between teams in a professional or high school athletic setting. It is considered a sport even though it does not involve any physical contact. The game involves passing, kicking, and running, but there is no contact involved, nor is it an active contact sport. Most likely, if you are playing a sport and do not have any contact with the other team, it is considered not to be an association football game.

Australian Football. Much like Association football, Aussie foot ball is not generally an active contact sport, as it is largely controlled by the skill of the ball carrier. However, because rugby union players are put into positions of forward and centre, they may occasionally be required to block. As with American football, rugby union has seen rise in popularity as a potential career path.