Gaming is defined as “the use of game mechanisms for interactive entertainment of the mind.” A computer game or video game is an interactive computer application that involves interaction with an external user interface (an exterior user interface device including hardware and software) or internal user interface (a processor card or central processing unit that controls the functioning of the machine), for the purpose of producing visual feedback to the user. Games are categorized into action games (actual physical gaming) and simulation games (immersive technology that imitates real world situations and scenarios). There has been a recent boom in the mobile gaming industry with the emergence of smart phones with camera and sound capabilities. In this modern technological era, mobile games have become a significant source of revenue for numerous software development companies, with revenues forecast to double in the next few years.


Mobile gaming has been accompanied by explosive growth in the technological sphere. Recent advances in the field of microelectronic engineering and computer science have made possible the development of powerful game consoles and handheld devices, such as PSPs (personal digital assistant), that act as personal computers. Video game software developers have created video games for cellular phones that utilize the power and data offered by mobile phones’ data plans. These games can be downloaded from an internet service provider’s cellular website, purchased on a pay per use basis, or rented through an online service provider. Some websites offer a free video game download service for a limited period of time.

Cell phone manufacturers have also entered the market with the creation of several different low cost smartphones designed to allow gaming. The most popular among these devices are the Nokia E71 and the HTC Adreno, which both have powerful hardware capable of rendering high quality graphics and capable of running a variety of high definition video games. Several other companies, such as Samsung and Motorola, have also released smartphones designed to play various mobile games. These devices run on proprietary operating systems that vary from OSX to iPhone.

Gaming has become very popular on the mobile platform because cellular phone users have access to hundreds of different games at any one time. Users can take their favorite games and play them not only on a PC or laptop, but on their cell phones as well. With a variety of games available for download, users have an abundance of games to play and are not limited to just casual games. For example, gamers who like adventure will be happy to know that there are numerous games that allow them to do battle in outer space, rescue the human race from an impending disaster, and much more. The types of games available vary by manufacturer, but many popular choices include sports, racing, role playing, puzzles, and more.

Manufacturers of video gaming equipment have found great success in catering to a specific group of consumers, namely teens. One of the most successful teen video gaming consoles is the Nintendo Wii console. Teens love the ability to feel like they are part of a real life video gaming experience, while giving them the option to play at home as well as participate in tournaments with friends. In addition to the Nintendo Wii, other popular gaming devices include PSP consoles, Xbox 360 and others.

Gaming on mobile devices is catching on quickly and is predicted to reach all-time high figures in 2021. With more mobile phone users expected in 2021, it makes sense that mobile gaming is a booming industry. With so many different types of games and options available, mobile gaming is here to stay. In summary, gaming on mobile phones is not only convenient and fun, but it is also convenient for parents who want to monitor what their kids are playing.