Health is a condition where disease and infirmity are completely absent. Various definitions have been applied for many purposes over the years. Some medical professionals use the dictionary definition to indicate the presence of a disease or the absence of a disorder. The definition may also be more complicated by adding signs indicating a malfunction of some kind. For instance, some people may think they are healthy because they think they do not have a health problem, when in fact they do have a health problem that should have been detected earlier.


There are many determinants used in determining the health status of an individual. Most commonly, health status is determined through laboratory tests. Some of these include physical examination of the body, testing of the capacity of the circulatory and respiratory systems, checking for infections and cancers, and testing the kidney, liver and other major organs. These test determinants are also used in health management research and in the development of new drugs and treatments.

A physical examination alone cannot tell if an individual is at risk for certain diseases or conditions. An individual’s health depends on several other factors including his lifestyle, work and environment. The main article on health issues will cover the topics of occupational safety and health management research. Safety is always considered as one of the most important areas of health concerns. Occupational safety measures are necessary in order to avoid illnesses and diseases caused by exposure to harmful materials.

The subject of sleep deprivation covers major issues that affect the well-being of an individual. The effects of sleep deprivation on the person can lead to serious health problems, disability and death. When an employee works for a company that has poor health practices, it can have serious effects on his health, work performance, and productivity. There are many articles available that talk about the topic of sleep deprivation. One of the main articles mentioned in this article is “circadian rhythm disorder and shift work,” which discuss the impact of shift workers on their health.

These days, there are a lot of health products that promote good health. One of the main articles found on this site is “Staying Healthy on the Internet.” This article discusses the benefits of buying online and getting personal health advice through blogs, articles and forums. A good example is this article entitled “Exercise Physical Energy Balance.” It looks at three main articles that help you maintain your general physical energy balance as well as your mental health.

A lot of people are affected by a common disease like diabetes and obesity. If the number of obese people get out of control, the country will have more health problems than medical school students. A major problem with the country’s diabetes epidemic is the lack of preventive services. One of the main articles on this site “Prevention and Management of Diabetes” addresses the issue of prevention. If a person determines to control his diabetes, he should get himself checked on regularly by doctors, so that he will be guided on what to do when his health deteriorates.