Health is a condition where illness and infirmity aren’t present. A number of definitions have existed over the years for various purposes. For those without any health insurance, the definition of health has become a bit more complex because conditions that once were thought to be indicators of poor health now are understood to be part of the normal range of variation among humans. For people with insurance, the difficulties are even greater because the definition of “uninsurable” has become a lot more narrow.


The first step in improving health and the overall health of the nation as a whole is ensuring everyone has access to quality health care. Many programs that assist people in obtaining coverage or better rates can be described as public health interventions. Those are initiatives aimed at ensuring people have the best opportunities to get treated when they need help.

Improving global health is an important concern of humanity. By making some simple changes, it’s quite possible to improve health and the overall world health picture for many people. The issue of disease prevention goes back to the basics of good health – keeping your body healthy and well-nourished. A large number of preventable illnesses and diseases stem from insufficient nutrition, so the practice of eating well and exercising is an essential component of disease prevention. In many cases, simply making those who are vulnerable to illness aware of the importance of preventing, diagnosing and treating the illness when it appears can help them avoid the complications of disease later on.

Another issue that has become particularly urgent due to the increased rate of mental illness is the issue of violence against people. Mental health takes on a special importance, since people with mental illness tend to have limited options when it comes to treatment and recovery. Because mental health can be influenced by one’s environment, efforts to improve global health and well-being should take mental health into consideration. There is a lot that can be done to decrease the rates of violence against people globally. By focusing on issues that promote peace and security and on issues that promote the mental health of individuals as well as their communities, we can make huge strides in the right direction.

Another area of great importance when it comes to health promotion is physical health and wellness. People who are healthy and physically fit tend to be happier and more productive than those who are unhealthy and lethargic. Illness and physical illness tend to worsen existing conditions, creating greater challenges for individuals and families dealing with them. A positive concept of health promotion also includes a focus on prevention, ensuring that what we do to improve our health does not cause us more problems in the future.

One more health issue that should be taken seriously is communicable diseases. Although there is no vaccine available to stop or cure communicable diseases, there are measures that can be taken to limit their spread and increase the chances of contracting them. A good example of this would be having a flu shot each year. In addition, there are other measures that can be taken to reduce the risks of communicable diseases. For instance, smoking cessation and cleanliness standards should be made a priority by all health care providers.