Buying Firearms in Indianapolis

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  1. Locate someone in your area who has their Federal Firearms License (FFL). Any gun shop, gun smith, pawn shop, or gun range operates with an FFL and will help you with your transaction.
  2. Contact your FFL and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm from Indy Trading Post. Most FFL holders will do this for a nominal fee. Check around as some dealers will not do transfers or will charge too much. Prices vary from dealer to dealer.
  3. Your FFL holder will mail or FAX a signed copy of their license to us. They must send a signed copy of their license to the address listed below. Please include a note with the FFL stating your name and the item you have purchased. For more information about providing your FFL to us, see Ways to Provide your FFL below.
  4. Once we receive the FFL and payment, your purchased item will be shipped to the FFL. Your item will be shipped via UPS 2nd day for hand guns and UPS ground for long guns. It will be shipped depending on when we receive the FFL and the type of item that you have purchased.
  5. The FFL will perform your background check and transfer the firearm to you. Your FFL holder will be responsible for performing your background check and adhering to any other state or local laws affiliated with firearms transactions. If you are not sure about regulations in your state, please consult your local FFL. For instance, some states will allow only only one handgun to be purchased in a 30-day period; and some firearms are not legal in some states. Some firearms that we sell may not be legal in your area. It is your responsibility to ensure that the purchas you are making is legal in your area. You must also ensure you are a legal and proper person. Do not attempt to buy a firearm from us if you are a felon, convicted of domestic violence, or any other reason that may prohibit you from owning a firearm. The firearm will be shipped to a ffl dealer and a background check will be conducted.Please note: Firearms will not be shipped to any location where they are restricted.


  1. Fax A Signed Copy Of Your FFL To Indy Trading Post. Recent changes by the ATF now allow you to fax a copy of your dealer's FFL directly to us to expedite your firearm purchase. Simply send the FFL to us via Fax, 317-782-4584, the fax must be legible, and your full name must be printed on the FFL. Please include the FFL's phone number on the licenseas well.
  2. Mail the copy of the FFL to
    Indy Trading Post
    2851 Madison Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46225
  3. EMail the copy of the FFL to
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