A sports drama is a fictional movie genre which makes use of popular sport as the main theme of the movie. It’s a genre where a sport, usually a popular one, is heavily featured, and that depend strongly on sport for their plot’s resolution or goal motivation. Most often, it’s a game show format, but can expand to other formats, such as an evening soap opera. It may feature characters who have common traits, like rivalries or alliances, or may focus on one team or character.


The main article will discuss the latter type of movie, a sports drama. This is not written for those looking for a serious theme, but rather one where there are strong archetypes and some identifiable elements within the genre. For example, one could say that this is a story about the rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Rockets in the NBA’s Western Conference. Where this is set, whether in the present or future, could vary depending on the specific medium involved.

In this case, the rivalry has been going on for several years, so we have plenty of examples to work from. For instance, in an ongoing TV programme, it might be the clash between two sports stars, with one star perhaps taking part in a competition for the ultimate prize, which is obviously very expensive. This could lead to a rivalry in terms of how much they are willing to pay out, and the viewer would choose which rivalry they are going to follow. Of course, for the real sports aficionados, this is the stuff of legends, so if we take our pick, it’s going to be the Dallas Cowboys v Houston Rockets.

In another example, it could be a story set in Africa, during the World Cup. We know that the teams involved are Brazil and Germany, but if they qualify from their group, it could lead to some real sport involvement. So the main article discusses this possibility and asks what the reader’s view is on this issue. The answer is fascinating, as it sounds like a different section of people has a slightly different take on sports and sport participation than the rest.

Another example might be when a movie is released, which has a lot of famous sporting names involved. The main article talks about this possibility and examines whether it is right for a movie to put so much energy into sports and spectator sports. It might sound like an obvious observation, but watching a movie based around popular sport can make it seem like the events are more important than they actually are. This happens quite frequently, so it’s hard to ignore.

Finally, in the last part of the main article, we look at the possibility of growing the number of people taking part in spectator sport, by either being a participant or a watcher. It makes sense that there would be an increase in this type of sport following the boom in the growth of professional game playing. This would obviously be welcomed by all concerned, as it makes sports much more popular and accessible. Overall we can say that it makes sense for people to get involved with spectator sport at some point or another.