Health is a state of emotional, mental and physical well-being where infirmity and disease are either absent or reduced. The concept of health has been around for many years. It was the Hippocrates of ancient Greece, who first recognized the relationship between human health and the diet that we consume. He began to notice that people who ate a balance diet and exercised were far healthier than those who did not take care of themselves physically. A number of other definitions have since been applied to health, including that it is the condition of being able to function properly and live with moderate pain.


Stress is the number one killer in the United States of America. Today it has become more apparent that the causes of illness are stress related. It has also become clear that stress can lead to many illnesses. The main article deals with the impact of stress on the occupational safety of workers. Occupational safety is an important aspect of work that all employers should consider.

The concept of healthful diet has become more intertwined with the concept of health. Healthful diets are those that provide good nutrition in order to maintain a person’s overall health. In developed countries people eat foods that are rich in calories in order to be able to survive and grow. These developed countries have one of the highest rates of heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancers, and diabetes. This is likely due to the fact that most people in the developed countries live an unhealthy lifestyle and are subjected to a high level of stress.

People that have poor health status are at a higher risk for many types of chronic and fatal diseases. The consequences of stress that these people experience can result in serious health conditions. This is especially true in the United States of America where there are more overweight and obese people, more reported cases of depression, and more reported cases of mental health conditions than any other country in the world. All of these problems can have a negative impact on a person’s physical and mental health.

Some illnesses that result from the bad lifestyle choices of individuals include coronary artery disease, high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, and heart failure. It has been reported that approximately forty percent of Americans suffer from some form of chronic illness. It is estimated that people living in the United States spend approximately three hundred and fifty billion dollars on health care each year. According to statistics, people that have a poor physical health status are more likely to slip and fall, experience accidents, and experience pain and discomfort in their day to day lives. People that are physically fit have a better chance at a healthier body weight and an overall higher quality of life.

The issue of stress and its relationship with a number of health problems is something that has been studied extensively over the past decade. It has been reported that people in developed countries today suffer from a number of sicknesses due to the amount of stress that they are exposed to on a daily basis. It has been found that people that are more physically active have less illness related to stress than those that are not as active. Being physically active leads to improved health, and less illness and disease.