There is no precise date when sports began, but it is clear that children have always included them in their play. Ancient art shows hunters pursuing prey with glee. For ancient civilizations, hunting became an end in itself. A rich iconographic and literary record suggests that hunting was a way to connect with nature. Today, the word “sport” can mean just about anything that involves physical exercise. It is the world’s most popular form of recreation.


Ancient China had sports that spanned a wide range of activities and events. Some of these sports were well-developed and popular, as evidenced by artifacts. For example, gymnastics and javelin throwing were popular in ancient China. In ancient Egypt, there was a martial art known as Zoorkhaneh, which incorporated jousting and wrestling. Other countries had their own versions of sports, such as horse-racing and ice-hockey. Since then, motorised sports have developed.

Sport is an important source of entertainment for non-participants. Many popular sports feature widespread broadcasting, drawing large crowds to stadiums. In addition to promoting physical fitness, many spectator sports can also increase the overall value of the sporting industry. The Kearney consultancy estimates that the global sporting industry is worth around $620 billion. However, it is important to note that the world’s sporting industry is a huge business, with a number of sectors contributing to its overall value.

The history of sport has been long-lived. The earliest evidence of sports date back to 2000 BC in China. Gymnastics and javelin throwing were popular. Ancient Egypt had a number of different sports, including wrestling and javelin throwing. During the ancient Persian era, there were a variety of games and a martial art known as the Zoorkhaneh. And modern motorised sports have only recently appeared.

In modern society, there are many forms of sport. Organized sport, such as baseball, football, and tennis, is a form of physical exertion with a specific focus on human activity. Social sports, on the other hand, are largely spectator events, drawing large crowds and attracting a large audience. The global sporting industry is estimated to be worth $620 billion in 2013 and is an important source of entertainment for many people.

Organised sport is a form of physical exertion that is primarily intended for spectators. It is distinct from social sports in that it often has a social focus. Its main purpose is to promote physical health. It is a source of recreation and is considered a form of competition. The term can be used to describe any form of sport. However, it is important to understand the difference between the two. They differ in their goals.

Some activities are borderline between being sports and not. The Australian Sports Commission defines sport as “any activity where the participants actively participate”. Among other things, it is important to note that some sports have been banned. While many activities are deemed to be “sports” in Australia, some of them are still illegal in the country. Nevertheless, they are not recognized as such. Some board games are considered to be sports. These are not games, but the athletes involved in them are able to win a prize.