Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a condition, “Consists of the condition of a human being before his birth and that is achieved through his life.” A variety of other definitions have also been used over the years for various purposes. In the United States, the word health means the ability to lead a healthy life. It also includes the ability to experience enjoyment and work successfully in a healthy environment. It also recognizes that “health” should be viewed as a state that can change and improve over time. It is essential for people to realize that they must monitor their health on a regular basis.


There are many basic components to good health, which include a balanced diet and a regular exercise regimen. The definition also notes that physical education and prevention against disease are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A physical exam should be completed yearly and individuals who smoke or use tobacco products should quit. Drinking alcohol and using drugs such as marijuana are also considered high risks for disease and should be avoided at all costs.

Mental health includes an individual’s capacity to deal with reality, managing relationships, making decisions, handling anxiety and depression and functioning properly within relationships. It includes the ability to learn and cope with changes. This definition does not necessarily mean the absence of physical illness; it refers to a lack of mental health. There are many symptoms that indicate that someone may be suffering from poor mental health, which include mood swings, irritability, fatigue, difficulty focusing and sleeping problems.

One of the most important aspects of good health is the recognition of signs and symptoms of illness and disease and obtaining timely treatment. This is especially true for the mentally ill. Often, the absence of outward signs can be a symptom of an internal illness. A frequent cold or sinus infection can cause a person to have headaches and muscle tension. However, this does not necessarily mean the person has a form of cancer or other disease. Similarly, the presence of muscle strain will not mean that the individual has osteoporosis.

A healthy diet and physical environment play a crucial role in contributing to good health. A good diet refers to eating food that is nutritionally balanced and sufficient for human consumption. A nutritional balance refers to eating food in its correct proportions, as well as eating a wide variety of foods. A wide variety of foods includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, breads, dairy products, fish, poultry, meat, legumes, nuts, seeds and soy. The physical environment refers to the surroundings one’s in, such as air, noise, sunlight and ground temperature.

As shown, health refers to both physical well-being and mental well-being. Physical well-being is reflected in how a person moves, dresses, acts and looks. Mental well-being is reflected in a person’s ability to think, reason and solve problems. Therefore, to achieve good health in developed countries, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet, regular exercise and a safe and clean environment. All these elements can be obtained by adopting a holistic approach to health – a combination of exercise, proper medication and a good diet.