When you hear the word sports, you automatically think of a bunch of people playing a sport – normally football or volleyball. But did you know that aside from these two common sports, there are tons more sports than that? There are lots of different sports that people choose to play and they range from badminton, basketball, softball, hockey, track and field, cricket and many more. So if you want to know more about some of these sports, you can check out my article about different sports.


To start with, sports that involve physical activity are called mind sports. These include chess, bridge, billiards, bingo and many others. The reason why these kinds of sports have become popular is because the rules and regulations governing them ensure a fair contest. Other types of mind sports include problem solving skills in non-physical activities such as learning how to develop a problem solving plan for a team or an organization.

A sport which involves physical activity but does not require one to use any kind of tools is called a game. Golf is a perfect example of such sport. It has been around for ages and used to be considered a ladies’ sport. However, the world’s governing bodies have changed its stance and now say that it is a game. Another sport which is not as well-known as other sports is table tennis. Although this is a sport, many people believe that table tennis requires intellectual strategy skills.

The final type of sports is not actually a sport at all, but a physical activity. One example of this is kayaking. Kayaks are a good example of a physical activity, but they are also a sport because of the equipment that is used in the sport, the kayak paddles. Kayaking itself is a fun activity which improves one’s physical fitness, mental fitness and coordination.

Each of the five sports mentioned above can be considered a sport, if one wants to call it so. In the United States, soccer is viewed as a sport and therefore is held up to the same standards as football is held to in the United States. Therefore, any association football players who wish to play professionally will be held to the same standard as any other professional sports players.

Some may argue against the above categorization of sports, saying that they are all non-physical activities. However, it is important to remember that youth sports such as team sports are held to very high standards because of the impact it has on the youth. Youth are influenced by their sports heroes, who may be viewed as role models when they are struggling with school or other daily challenges. Therefore, these sports help in boosting their self-esteem, improve their academic performance, develop their physical fitness, their motor skills and their social interaction skills. All of these are important factors which are important in developing the personality of the youth.