Gaming refers to the use of electronic media in the place of physical activity to stimulate the brain. In recent years the video game industry has grown tremendously. There are now many different types of games on the market. Most popularly known titles include word games, puzzles and trivia games. Some of these games can be obtained for free, while others need to be purchased.


A computer or video game is an interactive computer or video game that involves interactions with a user interface (joystick, keyboard, mouse, or other motion sensitive device) to generate visual output on the screen. Video games are often used in the place of other media such as television, movies, or music. Computer games can include complex programming requiring a lot of logic. Many video games are designed to require complex skills, such as using the minimally acceptable keyboard commands to manipulate the game. While playing a computer or video game, the user is almost always engaged in thinking about how to solve the problems that arise.

One type of game that is often played at work is the board game. Board games are played with a set of numbered counters called gaming pieces. The object of the game is to create the best set of gaming pieces to finish all the holes. Chess is a popular game that is often played at work. Chess games can be very competitive, and require plenty of strategy.

Early computer games were simple text games that generated output in the form of text messages or random characters. Basic computer games were often games that involved creating a character, then trying to save that character to continue playing the game. These early games were mostly cartridge-based and produced lower quality graphics than the ones we have today.

Computer games can be played for single players or multi-player mode. In most cases, the multi-player mode of games involved a computer and a printer connected to a computer. In the case of computer based games, a modem or a broadband connection is needed. In multiplayer games, players connect their computers to play with each other over the Internet.

Computer gaming is used by everyone. It has become the way for many people to relax after a hard day’s work. Gaming is used in education more than ever before. Educational institutions sometimes provide computers to students as part of the school library system. In some schools, game stations are attached to the school network so that students can play games over the Internet and develop team skills while working together.