The Renaissance Period and Modern Sports

Sports (or sports) is any forms of organized or casual physical activity that, through either organized or non-organized participation, attempt to employ, enhance or develop certain physical capability and skills while also providing recreation to participants, and sometimes, spectators. With the amount of sports activities, there are an equal or even greater number of sports competitions. Sports can be played for fun, for competition and/or for money. There are various types of sports that people engage in.

The most famous sports are those that require physical exertion, such as wrestling, basketball, volleyball and track and field. These games require a lot of physical energy and focus, since they require a great deal of jumping and throwing and running. As mentioned, these games require a great deal of stamina and endurance, as well as a great deal of agility, and mental abilities. Many believe that the game of basketball is the oldest known sports, dating back as far as the ancient Greek Olympics. While volleyball is considered as one of the fastest growing sports today, many consider it as a relatively new sports compared to the others. Track and field have been around for decades but are gaining popularity especially in countries with athletes who train for Olympic gold and silver medals.

Throughout the last century and a half, there have been many different competitions or contests that have taken place in the 20th century and beyond. Modern sports competitions differ greatly from the physical exertion required by earlier sports because of the increase in levels of technological and social complexity. In the past, competition was typically based on physical attributes only; however, with the development of newer and more technologically advanced equipment, modern sports require mental and physical skills that previous generations of competitors did not have.

One of the most notable changes to sports during the 20th century was the introduction of programs that promoted physical education, or instruction in physical education. Sports were banned from public schools until the Renaissance, when the popularity of these games increased and they began to be attended by people who could not afford the expensive fees that existed in the medieval times. The Renaissance sports included games such as wrestling, boxing, horseback riding, and tennis. While the Renaissance sports were often viewed as exercises, today’s modern athletes spend countless hours studying the training methods, techniques, and history of each sport to prepare for their competitions.

Another significant change to sports took place during the Industrial Revolution, when different sports were brought to the public eye. Due to the rise in mass production in the manufacturing industry, steel shoes and iron equipment became common equipment for sports teams throughout the Industrial Revolution. This allowed for athletes to be more productive and allowed those who lived in poverty to pursue sports as a way to stay healthy and well-off. Today, many of the athletes and teams that were founded during the Renaissance are now among the most successful sports teams in the world.

In the past, sports specialization and team sports have typically been viewed as activities that are only played by men. Advances in modern medicine, however, have made physical activities and sports possible for both genders. Even professional sports can be played by women and some children. This shows the tremendous changes that have taken place in sports since the Renaissance and allow for women to play sports and physical activities like a man would, only with better safety standards and greater physical benefits.